Originally I wanted this website, as part of my escape from the corporate world and into a world of self-created income.  I found a couple of 'life changing' self employment opportunities and I believed simply by starting my own business, I'll find freedom. Since beginning this project the world has changed and continues to change with an unpredictable outcome.  At one stage with global war looming every human's very freedom was on the line.  And still is - take a look at the laws that have come into play in recent times - I smell a rat or is that a wolf in sheep's clothing?  All this has really opened my eyes to how long the battle for freedom has been going on for - Millennia. History records - Biblical records - Scientific records - They all point to a very long running story about freedom.  Some have even been saying recently that Freedom in itself is a farce and distraction - so many points of view on what Freedom is.  So now the direction of the site has had to change from the original that was planned and envisioned and will continually evolve with each new day.  As our government's fight for freedom continues, so does mine, so does the peoples of the world and so will the current direction of freedom4life.com

Recently I added a live journal to the site, and as time progresses I will add more and more to it, regular updates will now appear in the Live Journal also.  Make sure you take a look to see where I have been and a glimpse of where I am going.

I look forward to introducing some new and exciting ventures and people @ freedom4life soon.

Welcome to my journey, I invite you to come along with me and when you are ready - join the tide of change to regain our God given FREEDOM!   FREEDOM ROCKS!

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Freedom of Transport!


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Need a break, play a classic - Tetris.

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Recently I have been diverted away from the Home based business industry - I miss the quality products however due to taking a much needed break from work, funds become very dry and scarce so I am moving forward with other avenues until I feel right again about continuing in that direction.

I have been very interested lately in down line clubs that are appearing everywhere on the net, I know that many are scams and probably just wasting money however a few have grabbed my attention.  I am giving Benefactor DLC (downline club) a go at the moment as they 'benefactor' you into various other DLCs.  I joined them in pre-launch and recently they have launched so I will keep you updated right here when I get benefactored.  I've even been #1 in line, it's not all that hard and doesn't take long.

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September 13th 2003 - I woke up this morning to discover I have been Benefactored into one program I was bidding for - SuperPayLine and the beauty is I only bid 10 points (you get 100 points for joining).  Thousands of people are being benefactored...have you joined yet?  What are you waiting for? Benefactor Downline Club - Join today, but be careful it could be gone tomorrow, as it was about a year or so later, as was SuperPayLine. Good attempts but part of the web 1.0 bubble!

September 24th 2003 - Again I woke up this morning with the e-mail saying 'You have been benefactored!'  Wow BDLC is doing well - twice in 11 days!  This time with only 2 points!  When programs are hot - they are hot!  This new program I am not in is was called 2for5 - to me it looks like easy money! That gets bigger with time!  Easy money often is too good to be true, so enjoy the benefits you get from day one, and if your a gambling person, why not try something new, just don't cry if promises are not met, listen to your gut and heart!

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"You've got to know the difference between

 knowing the path and walking the path"



Discovering Freedom

So where does the word freedom originate?

According to Strong's Concordance it is a word from the Old Testament days.

Greek: πολιτεία - pŏlitĕia. pol-ee-ti-ah (from "polity"); citizenship; concretely a community;-commonwealth, freedom.

Later in time freedom is found again, this time in the New Testament

Hebrew: חֻפְשָה - chuphshâh, koof-shaw :(from "châphash" - be free); liberty (from slavery);-freedom.

In modern English from the Oxford Paperback Dictionary/Thesaurus we find:

 Freedom noun 1.Being Free 2.Personal or civil liberty 3.(often + to) liberty of action 4. (+ from) exception from 5. (+ of) honorary membership or citizenship of 6.(+ of) unrestricted use of (house etc).


So to my understanding, I see freedom, in essence hasn't changed in a very long time, maybe people's concepts have, but freedom itself is still the same. You may be surprised when you read how it is actually used in the Bible and what Freedom the Bible truly offers.  My new mySpace picks up where James left off...


James 1:25 (in full 1:19-27) Author: James, brother of Jesus approx 50A.D

...'But you must never stop looking at the perfect law that sets you free.  God will bless you in everything you do, if you listen and obey, and don't just hear and forget.'...
Source: Level 27 New Testament in Contemporary English ISBN 0-647-50803-6

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