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These are the JumpCut movies created sixty seconds at a time, live and without scripts. Check our other souces of Productions on the right --->

JumpCut Movies

Movies are created mainly using a Motorola A920 or Nokia 3320 mobile phone handsets. We are now on the edge of HD. These are all the JumpCut Movies.

  1. Discovered - Koala-Cottage Queensland Australia (7m 18s)
  2. Gardens and Broms Photo Montage (1m 17s)
  3. Hello Twitter Hello World (7m 49s)
  4. Start something new Something borrowed Something blue (9m 58s)
  5. Arrival and Launch Photos Koala-Cottage (1m 36s)
  6. Completed Three Years in Glasshouse Mountains (7m 24s)
  7. It was perfect - Those were the days of our lives (6m 00s)
  8. Train station journey with mixed messages (8m 39s)
  9. Spring LIVE In Glasshouse Mountains (6m 03s)
  10. Rainbows, McBioFuel and poo Gas - How Sweet Thou Art (10m 50s)
  11. Flowers, Trains and Roadkill (9m 27s)
  12. October 16 2008 - A week left in Glasshouse Mountains (8m 52s)
  13. Freedom Farm is Moving! (4m 00s)
  14. My View of Jetman Live (3m 00s)
  15. August 8 2008 A Glasshouse Circuit Walk (7m 11s)
  16. Glasshouse Mountains in High Quality Photos (1m 51s)
  17. Generations Past and Future (10m 19s)
  18. More running with Rocky (7m 03s)
  19. Gardens of Freedom Farm (5m 00s)
  20. August 2008 Playtime with Rocky the Dog (9m 55s)

Complete list of over 50 titles coming August 2009


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