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These photos taken with my Motorola A920/5 of my arrival at Koala-Cottage and Freedom Farm by the Sea. Located in Queensland Australia, on the Fraser Coast ODCC-TV will continue to Broadcast live video and audio of life from this new location. To celebrate and share, a new promotional website has been created and launched yesterday that you must go visit and see. Koala-Cottage.com Be seen, paid or free! Watch and chat to others while your there, maybe your friends are there too, if not, tell them about Koala-Cottage.com and watch together. Who knows what you will see, maybe even a dolphin, if only we had super zoom ability! Support the site and things like that I will buy! Enjoy these 33 launch photos and watch other recent videos here at JumpCut to see video between these images. Cheers and Happy Days to you!

Arrival and Launch Photos Koala-Cottage

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