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Create Cyber Freedom - A Do It Yourself Guide

From the basics to the established professional, working on a shoestring or zero budget this web site will help you get more traffic, more hits, more visitors to your web page each and every day.  This is free targeted traffic!  If you don't yet have a web site I will show you the best free hosting service around.  If you need to make profit on your web site - that step is coming too.  Follow all 4 steps and very soon you will be getting many visitors, looking at your web sites, to earn you real money real soon - Get established 4 life - today!  Just 4 easy steps to freedom4life!
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Step 1 - Build your Site!

Join Bravenet Today - Get free web hosting,hit counter,chat rooms,guest books,mailing lists and newsletter builders,clipart,html help,forum and much more
Join Bravenet Today
Join Bravenet Today
Freedom 4 Life online begins with a project that any web creator must complete, your own, personal web page  This can be as easy as a one page site that talks a little about you, who you are, what you want to achieve and demonstrates how you are going to reach this goal.  This becomes a foundation that you can tell your truth via and build with time, credibility.  Many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will provide you with some web server space to host your site however unless you are planning on staying with this company a very long time I seriously recommend that you establish your web hosting at a remote location.  Using a 3rd party to host your site allows you to move between any ISP you want and not worry about the hassle and inconvenience of moving your entire web site, let alone renaming your sites address (URL) constantly.  In the early stages of setting up online you will want to consider costs and decide if you want to spend any money at all.  When I first started I spent $0.00 on setting my site online and to this day my total internet web site budget is still under $100 $200 per year( I have grown since 1995.  There is a saying - what you pay for is what you get... not always.  Many free web sites offer quality products and services and are very reliable without spending a small fortune or any money at all.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced web creator you need quality and reliable web tools, hosting, tips and tricks all without paying out anything! Zero, zip, nil, nothing - $0.00! As your web income increases and starts to pay for itself you can then upgrade (only if you want) to remove 'sponsor advertising' from your web site  I have been using Bravenet for these services since 1997 and have found the adverting to be less intrusive than many if not all of it's competitors.  Dave and Brad's Bravenet has been operating as a very professional, supportive and reliable web site for many years, I can't recommend anyone more highly on the internet for the services they provide - Bravenet, an essential part of anyone's internet projects.
Free Website, Web Hosting

Webhero internet services has been my only choice for web hosting and is my number 1 choice for Internet hosting and domain names. Since 2001 they have offer me the best support I could ask for with very fast replies and a very helpful Knowledge bank for members. If you are in the position to have your own website and your own URL (web address) then click the banner, left to start your search and purchase.

Another very important element that has surfaced on the Internet is Social Marketing. When I began my future goal was to provide a community place where network marketers and online business entrepreneurs can come together have discuss, debate and build each others empires! Team Freedom Rocks at was the dream, the reality however is much, much bigger and much, much better than I could have ever created on my own. Not only has open source changed the world we live, so has sites like mySpace, Ojeez, facebook and the like. More about these in Marketing your site, telling the world, building website traffic.

Build Social Marketing Traffic

Increase Social Marketing Traffic

Step 2 - Build your Traffic

Once you have started your online empire, it's time to promote your site.  It's time to get your site listed and traffic flowing through your virtual doors - This can be a hard expensive project or it can be inexpensive, free and fun.  If your expecting traffic for free, you may need to do a little work at the start to get people flooding to you.  If you spend a little time each and everyday to begin with (as you need to do with any new startup),  you will set yourself up to have a system that works for you! A system that builds upon itself to invite more and more people to your site, everyday even while you sleep.  That's Cyber Power!  Many people expect overnight for millions of visitors to come flooding through your site but in reality most people will only get a trickle however 1000 people per month is easy to achieve with quality traffic building tools.  I use a number of traffic builders to promote my sites as well as promoting other traffic building sites too so that traffic builds traffic.  If you obtain referrals to these traffic builders you will get a percentage of their traffic coming to your site too.  Do this work correct - first time - for a lifetime of rewarding traffic!

My preferred traffic building site is Every time I open my browser I know I will get 1 visitor in return and for each site on this network you visit you earn up to 5 visitors for just looking at other members pages.  How easy is that!  There are two types of traffic builders like this, click to surf and auto surf.  I find more valuable traffic in click to surf as surfers have to spend some time at your page before manually moving on, where auto surf programs will show your page from 15 to 30 seconds then automatically move on to someone else's page.  Both styles are very good for building traffic and used in conjunction with each other will bring you the best traffic, for life...

How many times a day do you open your web browser?

When you are next chatting to your friends on MSN or Yahoo what else will you doing? Wasting time? Waiting for downloads? Building Traffic?  Yes building traffic - Earning Hits - Getting Visitors all while you chat away to mates :) How?  With Webmasterquest!  Another click to surf system but this one with a difference, it has multiple ways to earn traffic and even earn cash too! While you surf, chat and have fun.  They pay you 1:1 however they have random bonuses including cash and visitors.  Webmasterquest has a variety of tools to promote your site including banner exchange, hotlinks, paid to read emails and more. 




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AutoSurf traffic builders are also good while your chatting away as they will move onto new pages automatically after about 30 seconds.  I'll Autosurf when I'm watching TV or having a conversation.  Autosurfers I personally find gets more hits but less quality traffic actually browsing further through my site.
TrafficSwarm is my most referred traffic builder, these have benefits because when my referees are surfing - I am still earning a percentage of traffic too.  Are you beginning to see how this system works now.  Combine your efforts, work as a team and together we all achieve more - remember though for the system to work you will need to put in an initial hard effort to earn more traffic yourself.  Most programs come with a bonus start up of hits to get you going, but it's up to you to continue to keep them there in the first few months. 
Since 2004 many traffic exchanges came and went, I have discovered with a years experience the manual surf programs get best results and normally have a fun element built in.  Webmasterquest is by far the most fun and has the most free banner views over the year.  It all takes time and selecting good program or pages to promote - helps your page ranking in some search engines too.

Information updated February 2008, old and dead information has been removed from unsuccessful programs and effort. All these Auto-surf programs now run on cruise control and only sometimes do I spend time click myself, normally still in the background when chatting on things like MSN or Yahoo!

By now you should be on a quick road to getting thousands of hits to your web site however there is now one of the most important steps to complete.  Getting your site listed on search engines, this will bring a whole different quality of visitors.  Good or bad I'm not sure, I've had lot's of misses with getting listed for free on search engines however yesterday I found a site while searching Google and I am very confident that by using Global Promoter's Search Engine Optimisation web site and free tools I'm going to get this page listed right! First time!  The hit counter at the bottom of the page will proves this correct or false.  October 16th 2003 - Thank-you Global Promoter for your advice - Today (at time of writing) I became # 2 search result at Google for "build traffic free"!

Continue to Step 3 - Earn an Income! and Step 4 - Educate yourself!


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